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About The Doctor

Nicole Ascanio, MD

Nicole Ascanio, MD, graduated from Wake Forest University School of Medicine and completed her residency at the Cleveland Clinic. She came to Omaha with her family to practice medicine but she was quickly frustrated by the limits placed on her by insurance companies and the hospital-owned primary care practice. Dr. Ascanio wanted to spend more time with her patients to impact their care and promote preventative, whole person health care.

Dr. Ascanio started aspireMD to follow her dream of truly helping her patients improve their health and wellness in a convenient, personalized way.

“I want to impact care and promote preventative medicine and whole person health which I feel is the cornerstone to primary care.”

“In order to live a long and healthy life, the goal is to postpone chronic disease as long as possible through preventative care and wellness. Our current healthcare system is not designed to facilitate this. It is designed to diagnose and treat illness. By transitioning to a direct primary care practice, I will have the ability to decide how to help my patients based on their needs without the restrictions placed by insurance companies and hospital systems. The most surprising part is that this can actually save the patient money on their healthcare.”

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To provide optimum care for our patients and promote overall health and wellness that is both transparent and affordable

Direct Primary Care

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aspireMD is a boutique medical practice that offers concierge level full-spectrum primary care for your whole family without paying concierge level prices. Your care is comprehensive and personalized to you, focuses on lifestyle modification, whole-person health and evidence-based medicine. With an added bonus of being your one-stop-shop on all of your favorite skin care and aesthetic procedures at discounted rates.

Convenient and Accessible

Though we pride ourselves in our thorough detailed visits that last up to 90 minutes, not all questions or concerns need an in-office visit. With aspireMD, you can get answers and recommendations directly from your doctor while you are at work, waiting in the school pick-up line, or getting your oil changed. Your health is important and your time is valuable. aspireMD helps join the two so you don’t have to compromise either one.  At aspireMD we provide invaluable peace of mind, knowing your kid’s doctor is a text or phone call away when something comes up. No need to wait through complicated phone trees to get a generic response from an answering service. No need to go to urgent care on the weekends or pull your children out of school just to get your questions answered at an appointment.  We are available when you need us and where you need us.

Healthspan and Longevity

Dr. Ascanio’s overarching goals are to improve your longevity (how long you live) and, more importantly, your healthspan (the period of life spent in good health, free from the chronic diseases and disabilities of aging). This is done utilizing the most up-to-date science and research on nutrition and exercise interventions, mental and emotional health, sleep physiology and pharmacology. The most important factor in optimizing your healthspan is to improve your metabolic health. Parts of your metabolic health include maintaining a health weight, normal blood sugars, normal blood pressures, ideal cholesterol levels, and doing so with lifestyle changes as opposed to medications. Based on these recommendations, only 12% of Americans are considered metabolically healthy. At aspireMD, the goal is to get everyone as metabolically healthy as possible.

Comprehensive Annual Physicals

With the freedom to practice medicine outside the constraints of insurance companies and hospital systems, your annual physical exam becomes dramatically more comprehensive and personalized. Dr. Ascanio focuses on whole-person health with an emphasis on chronic disease prevention and risk reduction. By taking advantage of steeply discounted cash pricing for labs, your complete set of annual lab work is specific to you and covers all of the actionable and modifiable testing options without concern for how much your insurance companies will charge you for it. The average cost for all of this information? $70 (quite literally a $1,000 savings). In addition to lab work, all of the recommended cancer prevention screenings and options are reviewed taking into account a thorough review of your family history as well as cardiovascular disease screenings. Arguably the most important part of your annual physical (and something that is often skimmed over or skipped entirely at traditional practices) is a thorough lifestyle and habit review and optimization. Your diet, exercise, sleep and mental health habits are the single most important parts of living your longest, healthiest life. We spend an abundance of time reviewing your habits and working towards realistic and long term goals.


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