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Nicole Ascanio, MD

Nicole Ascanio, MD, graduated from Wake Forest University School of Medicine and completed her residency at the Cleveland Clinic. She came to Omaha with her family to practice medicine but she was quickly frustrated by the limits placed on her by insurance companies and the hospital-owned primary care practice. Dr. Ascanio wanted to spend more time with her patients to impact their care and promote preventative, whole person health care.

Dr. Ascanio started aspireMD to follow her dream of truly helping her patients improve their health and wellness in a convenient, personalized way.

“I want to impact care and promote preventative medicine and whole person health which I feel is the cornerstone to primary care.”

“In order to live a long and healthy life, the goal is to postpone chronic disease as long as possible through preventative care and wellness. Our current healthcare system is not designed to facilitate this. It is designed to diagnose and treat illness. By transitioning to a direct primary care practice, I will have the ability to decide how to help my patients based on their needs without the restrictions placed by insurance companies and hospital systems. The most surprising part is that this can actually save the patient money on their healthcare.”

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To provide optimum care for our patients and promote overall health and wellness that is both transparent and affordable

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