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Health Coaching

As a Premium Aspire MD member you’ll enjoy the services of a dedicated health coach who’ll provide the knowledge, skills, tools and confidence needed to participate fully in your care and well-being.

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What is Health Coaching?

A one-on-one consulting service in which our certified health coach provides customized, tactical support to help you achieve your health goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, manage a health condition, resolve digestive discomfort or create new healthy habits, we create individualized programs tailored to your needs and provide practical, strategic advice and accountability.


Our health coach takes the time to get to know patients fully, find their internal motivation and set them up for success that’s personalized. We understand real health happens in the 99.9 percent of your life when you’re not in the doctor’s office.

Meet Our Health Coach, Lou 

Lou Ascanio, as you may guess, is related to Dr. Ascanio. In fact he’s her dad. For most of his career, Lou has been involved in the employee health benefits industry. His interest in optimizing healthspans has evolved to include his blog:, and his podcast with Dr. Ascanio: The Dr. And Dad Healthcast ( Lou earned his Health Coach certification through the National Society of Health Coaches

The Fundamentals of a Healthy Life


When, what and how much we eat all matter.


We evolved as natural athletes. Our bodies are designed to move and move loads.


Recent studies are indicating that the quality and quantity of our sleep contributes tremendously to our overall heath. There are a number of inventions we can undertake to improve the quality and quantity of our sleep.


Another evolutionary trait that doesn’t support our heath in today’s environment is our proclivity towards constant stress. 


This includes a wide variety of natural and man made compounds that are undergoing scientific study on their health promoting effects.

What’s Included?

  • Personal Health Assessment
  • Quarterly Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Virtual Check-Ins
  • Food Journal Analysis
  • Custom Meal Plans
  • Meal Prep Guidance and Guide
  • Personalized Fitness Plan
  • Detailed session follow-up notes including action steps, articles, recipes and handouts
  • Unlimited e-mail and text support

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