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The medical aesthetics world is booming as we start to come out of this pandemic. This includes but is certainly not limited to Botox for wrinkles, fillers for cheeks, lips and chin, chemical peels, micro-needling, laser hair removal, and more. It is not just medical aesthetic procedures that are on the rise, but surgical cosmetic procedures as well. Why such an uptick in interest right now? Some people are realizing they do not want to put off the things they have always thought about doing for themselves, some have spent a year on zoom and have realized there are certain things they would like to optimize, and others have just had a little more time to research the different options out there. Whatever the reason, it is an exciting time to be able to offer certain aesthetic procedures at aspireMD.

I am a huge advocate of self-care and doing things for yourself that make you feel better. My primary care practice at aspireMD is focused on whole-person health and helping patients make positive changes to their health and wellness that last a lifetime. Naturally, when people are able to make these positive changes to improve their health, they start to feel better physically and mentally. Undergoing certain procedures is usually just a way for someone to look as good as they feel. Whether you are twenty-five or eighty-five, it is never too early or late to schedule a consultation to discuss something that you want to optimize to feel your best.

Procedures like micro-needling, chemical peels, and platelet-rich plasma to improve skin texture and help redness and fine lines, Botox to prevent and smooth wrinkles caused by facial expression, and filler to help with age-related skin changes are just a few of the procedures that I am proud to offer at aspireMD. Injections and procedures are always be performed by myself, unlike most medical spas that will use nurses or physician assistants, and using only use the highest quality products to help give you the most natural results. Not all products or injectors are created equally, so it is important to help patients understand that they need to go to someone they trust. All procedures offered at aspireMD aesthetics are available to members and non-members, but members receive significant discounts on all procedures. If you have any questions or want to schedule a consultation, were just a text or phone call away!

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