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The healthcare system is a complex and often overwhelming system to navigate. Between insurance companies and hospital systems, trying to understand the ever changing in versus out-of-network coverage, co-pays, and deductibles, and just not knowing who to turn to for help can be reasons enough to just stay away. But for many people, that means falling through the cracks, missing important preventative screenings, and kicking the can down the road when it comes to your health and wellness. More than 25% of people do not have a primary care provider and research shows that you are significantly less likely to die prematurely if you see your primary care doctor regularly. But traditional primary care often makes seeing your doctor a less than pleasant experience.

Long wait times, quick and rushed face-to-face time, poor access and expensive confusing invoices are just a few reasons that people usually put off their preventative and sick care. There is a better option. Direct primary care with aspireMD elevates your primary care experience while providing far more comprehensive and personalized healthcare, direct access to your doctor (me!) 24/7 via texting or phone calls, and all the time you need while in the office. We offer far more thorough executive annual physicals that include advanced labs and imaging to help pave your road towards optimal health and longevity. Feeling sick and not sure if you need to come in or take the day from work? We are just a quick text away from getting you an answer and helping you continue on with your day. AspireMD uses a whole-person approach to identifying problems that arise, and we put the biggest emphasis on early intervention and lifestyle modification to prevent chronic disease and increase your longevity.

How can a primary care experience contrast to greatly with the traditional hospital-owned and insurance-based care? Direct primary care eliminates barriers to quality care by putting decisions back into the doctor’s hands and using an affordable monthly subscription model as opposed to billing your insurance. Your health and longevity is not something that should be rushed, minimized or standardized, so make sure you find the right doctor to help you on your journey!

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